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Free evaluation versions of the tools are available at here [1]. They are robust tools intended to help you and intended to be sufficient for your needs. These tools are also supported by BI using their steam tools updater. Subscriber versions [2] are available to, well, hell, subscribers! The difference between the two version is the free ones are a snapshot of the latest releases with some cripplers when using the older versions is no longer possible due to changes bis have made to their engine.

Mikero's Dos Tools

Updates for free versions, approx every 4 months. If this product causes your computer to explode, your mother in law to drop down dead, your girlfriend to run away with your secretary Sue me.


All tools come with a no-brainer auto install. The location of all products is hard wired to the same folder because no individual tool stands alone. They all require the same dos path environ string to find each other. Because individual tools are independently added to the toolset when you decide to, they can't be 'just anywhere'. After a decade of use, dePbo dll has come to a crossroad, where, in order to continue it must split into component parts so that frequent upgrades to the dll as bis move goalposts don't impose penalties on the users by needing ever-increasingly large downloads to keep up.

To this end, 'oem dlls' are provided for 3rd party, open source, software that is not really part of dePbo proper but were merely containered within it. Formerly supplied internally, this was as convenience to users. Now, it has become a penalty due to the payload involved. The chances of these additional dlls being changed are very low.

Hence the desirability of isolating them. You MUST download this dll, once, for any of the tools, including this one, to work. It is rare to exceptional that your exe will change. Improvements to the dll happen often. It is your responsibility to read thru the specific tool documentation or examine it's docs folder to discover the extra goodies if any.

No Individual tool will uninstall the complete suite.

Mikero Tools

Many exes are dual apps. They either work in genuine dos prompt and batch files, or, as a standard windows gui. When provided a separate dos only exe is supplied in the package. It serves no purpose for majority use and does not need installing. It is available to the cognoscenti who either.

In general [. In general, the ext type is implicit. In general destinations are optional. When not specified, output file s are to same folder. Source code when provided in this product is Free. Show text. From Bohemia Interactive Community. Can become corrupted and no display shown 3. Can become corrupted and no display shown this is prolly true of most other dialogs too.Approximately 30 different dos exe and windows gui applications exist on the website provided above.

All tools have linux equivalents hosted by various 3rd parties such as Killswitch. The heart of all exes is a single dll. Specifically dePbo. The dll and it's exe's are constantly maintained and improved as new engines from bis are integrated into it the dll.

It is rare for the exe such as extractpbo to be revised. Revisions to the dll happen frequently. Most, if not all, people from the community, use my tools as a mandatory requirement to produce their creations. Creating Arma3 pbo's with pboProject which has savage errror checking, to moving entire pbo's to other folders, analyzing p3d's for special lods using Eliteness or simply extracting skeletons and model.

I would like to be considered for the 'Total Modification' as it seems entirely appropriate after a decade of service to the community and bis. My eula states 'you may use my tools for any purpose whatsoever'. You earned it. All source is provided on the website. The tools themselves come packaged in easy-to-apply self installers. All rights reserved. Thank you for supporting your first entry in the Make Arma Not War contest.

Use it for yourself, or gift it to a friend! You'll also receive a Make Arma Not War 'Supporter' forums badge, but please note that it might take up to 10 minutes for the badge to appear. The dll and it's exe's are constantly maintained and improved as new engines from bis are integrated into it the dll It is rare for the exe such as extractpbo to be revised.By paunaeMarch 26, in Terrain.

I've gotten this far thanks to Matthew Longtime's videos. Unfortunately I'm stuck when i try to load my map using the Community Offline mode i get a twitching loading icon in the top right of the dayz splash screen and never gets passed the splash screen. I don't mind using my server to test as i imagine that would be easier at this point but havent gotten that to work either. Anyone that can point me in the right direction is appreciated. I've gotten quite far and i don't want to stop because of this roadblock.

I've only used COM, haven't tried a local server. As an example, official tool packed my terrain without errors, but I was immeditaely crashing when trying to load it in COM.


Using PBOProject showed me a bunch of config. I run local server - use mpmissions to place your empty. You will be able to leave a comment after signing in.

Terrain Search In. How to load custom map into server? Recommended Posts.


Posted March 26, Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Posted April 5, edited. Edited April 6, by SmashT. Posted April 8, Please sign in to comment You will be able to leave a comment after signing in Sign In Now. Go To Topic Listing Terrain.Any ideas as to how I do this?

Get the paid version as well, it's kept up to date. Do I need to download more than one of these? When I download and install pboProject I keep getting this error. I have downloaded it multiple times. Thanks for the help! I appear to have everything in the folder and selected the proper folder. What could cause this error when crunching? I have the correct source folder selected.

You need to point it to where your. Normally you put it the same place as your config. They are both in there. You have been real helpful! I figured out that problem at least.


My config was recognized as a text document but I fixed that issue. Now I am on to this and still puzzled It's telling you what files are missing.


By the look of it you haven't extracted your arma 3 data. You are also missing you roads file, even export your roads or turn it off in your config file. There is a LOT of broken config floating around that are broken or got even more broke with the apex update. The Atlas files work fine and have less junk in them, what you won't use.Check the integrity of. The essence of DePew is to extract object, template, and elevation information and present in a text form that is usable by external tools such as L3dt, 'worldtools', Excel, and of course feedback into DePew, with altered heights or etc.

There is currently limited support for ofp. Fetch type, tags, used compression and the size of mipmaps. DeRtm analyses the content of any rtm file and does a few consistency checks.

In it's basic mode, it will show the bone names, frametimes, or, if applicable sounds inside the rtm. This is generally sufficient for simply identifying the content and typeof rtm under the hammer. DeRtm can scan entire folder s. In this mode, it is a powerful tool to verify the integrity of ALL rtms in a project.

DeRtm also provides a mechanism to convert binarised rtm back to plain jane. Treats all. Allows to resample files, play audio from original files or a conversion result, can display the time in seconds a sound file is long, stereo wss compression, autocorrection of mistakes in. GUI utilizing almost all other seperatly usable tools. Create and unpack. Extract any. Check for syntax errors, obfuscate, rapify files. Move, merge or split files to other.

Move specific files from one location to another and automatically adjust paths inside any. Great tool! Hands down! Working for DayZ SA!Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Arma 3 Store Page. Global Achievements. Global Leaderboards.

Can someone please tell me where there located? Be here till tomorrow trying to find? Please does anyone know where the hell it is. Begining to p me off this. Showing 1 - 12 of 12 comments.

Unmatched in performance and usability

Moof View Profile View Posts. Documents, find your profile under the correct folder. Originally posted by Squid :. B00tsy View Profile View Posts.

Tajin View Profile View Posts. Can't give you the exact path right now, no arma on this pc. I actually just found it. No wonder I couldn't find it. I put the. Originally posted by royalpollen :. Mirudes View Profile View Posts. Originally posted by Mirudes :. Originally posted by B00tsy :. Originally posted by i am moofin :.The self installer ensures that this tool is integrated with other Mikero PboTools. It is not designed for manual installation. It may already be installed on your system via other application downloads unrelated to these tools.

It has been in existence for some years as the tool behind cwr2. A mod that packs dozens of pbos for distribution. Selecting any one of the above 'Source Folders' will generate one, or, multiple pbos determined by the content of that source folder and it's children if any.

Folders of consequence : The presence of a config. Note that any subsequent configs in child folders are NOT pbo's in their own right. They become part of the classic, 'multiple addons within a single pbo'. This is the method by which you initially release one big pbo, and for subsequent patches to plants eg you merely repack plants!!!

Be aware: All mikero's tools will initially frustrate you. Better to frustrate you before you load Arma, than constant crash to desktops. You will come to prefer professional results over persistent, build, start game, wait crash, build start game, wait crash, build The dll is quite likely to give you a specific reason for the bad result, and it expects you to fix it.

The most forbidding of all errors is your addon works, but unknown to you at the time, destroys all others. The dll wont let you. Expect to be frustrated and thank me later. It utilises pal2pace, dssSignFile, and binarize. Both are accommodated. All other file types are handled by the dll. This is the mod folder. It is NOT the destination of the pbo, it is the root of the destination s. The mod folder can be anywhere. Is always specified from the root drive.

There are variations on this simple folder topology based mostly on your own creativity and imagination. Note that configs within configs are not deemed to be pbo's in their own right. It is a reasonably common practice to have multiple addons configs in the same pbo. It prevents crash to desktops and assists in correct loading order. If you wish to build addons without configs, without a cfgpatches class, this quality tool is not for you.

You can view the output with mild interest to see whether specific files are being compressed eg, or rapified eg, or simply being excluded. At the end of the day, EITHER, you get no errors, OR, you will get an error listed as the last message on the console and an accompanying messageBox to warn you of the failure.

As a result, the packer can only assume everything is ok.

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